Wooden gates Adelaide South Australia

Wooden gates Adelaide South Australia

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  • February 18, 2016

If you’re looking for timber, wooden, slat, cedar, mini orb, corrugated iron, privacy or security gates and you live in Adelaide or anywhere in South Australia, you’ve come to the right place!

We are a family owned South Australian business. We’ve been manufacturing here in SA for over 25 years.

Western Red Cedar gates are our speciality, but we’ve diversified to meet our customers’ needs.

Check out our photo gallery to see some of our range.

Top Level Header Gate With Painted Finish

Flinders Single Gate With Solver Duraguard Finish and Voice Intercom

Flinders Single Gate With Solver Duraguard Finish and Voice Intercom

Classic Paired Gate With Panel

Finnis Single Gate with Raw Finish

Picket Fence and Single Entry Gate

Sikkens Stained Classic Slider With Classic Single Gate

Painted Ayre Range Single Gate

Horizontal Batten Divider Fence

Mini Orb Fence

Horizontal Batten Fence

Horizontal Batten Fixed Panels

Horizontal Batten Fencing & Bench Seating

Ayre Paired Gate

Level Top Header Paired Gate

Top Level Header Slider Gate

Taylee Paired Gate

Flinders Paired Gate

Mini Ord With WRC Border Gate

Vertical Batten Slider

Ayre Single & Swing Gate

Level Top Header Slider Gate

Custom Designed Slider Gate

Derwent Paired Gate With No Horns

Vertical Batten Single Gate With Fixed Panel

Torrens Painted Paired Door

Custom Torrens Paired Gates

Classic Single and Paired Gates With Arch

Dutton Single Gate

Derwent Single Gate

Dutton Single Gate

Top Level Header Single Gate

Cressy Single Gate

Level Top Header Entrance Gate

Erica Single Gate

Level Top Header Single Gate

Stockade Entrance & Driveway Gate

White Stockade Entrance & Driveway Gate

Taylee Entrance Gate

Taylee Entrance Gate

Derwent Gate

Torrens Entrance Gate

Torrens Gate

Customised Classic Gate

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